FACT: Just because a symptom is common, does not mean it is normal.

Our Pelvic Physiotherapist Carolyn Rutledge has specific training in the assessment and treatment of various pelvic conditions in both males and females including:

-Urinary incontinence (stress or urge)
-Pain during or after intercourse, pain with orgasm or stimulation, ejaculation problems
-Prolapse of pelvic organs (bladder, rectum, or uterus)
-Urinary urgency or frequency
-Bowel dysfunction - constipation, straining, pain, or fecal or flatus incontinence
-Pain in the low back, tailbone, genitals or rectum
-Painful menstruation
-Pelvic conditions such as endometriosis, prostatitis, and interstitial cystitis
-Pregnancy and postpartum issues including pain, leakage, pelvic pressure, diastasis rectus, scarring from tearing, episiotomy or c-sections

Although many of these symptoms are common -more common than you might think- THEY ARE NOT NORMAL!

These symptoms are a sign of pelvic floor dysfunction. It is not normal to leak when you cough/sneeze/exercise, to have pelvic pain or pressure, nor to have any pain with intercourse. Furthermore, kegels are not always indicated for pelvic floor problems. In fact, sometimes they do more harm than good.

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